Monday, May 17, 2010

Cool Skool with Suzi Blu!

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Wow! I am having such a fun time in the Les Petit Dolls online class I am taking. This is my first shaded piece so far. Many more to come! I need to make more time to draw and make art. Go check out Suzi's cool skool!  Click the link!


Raven said...


I am so jealous of your crafty and artistic talents! I want to take this class too, but I am afraid I will be bummed if my work is not as good as yours...if not, you will have to draw me a pretty sympathy card! Love your drawings so far.

Saundra J said...

Thanks Raven...I have seen your kick-butt drawing skills! You don't fool me for a second, you have some serious talent! You should totally take this class!