Sunday, October 5, 2008

Boo! Book and the deep cut blade

Here is the CUT file for the BOO! Book. I used George and Paper Doll Dress Up cartridges. It is bound using the Bind-it-All.
I made this project using the Cricut deep cut blade and housing. Wow! What a difference it makes. I was able to cut through really heavy chipboard, I think it was about 1/8 " thick. I had tried to cut through this material using the original blade housing and lots of multi-cutting, but with no success.

The deep cut did make it through , but it took some learning. The blade housing has 11 depth settings rather than the usual 6. The numbers still say 1 - 6, but you can set it half way between the numbers also. Which means I had to figure out new pressure/blade depth settings. (I feel like I just finally got a handle on the old settings, LOL) I wish I could say it just sliced through like butter on the first try, but it didn't. My first cut came out terrible, I set the pressure at maximum and the blade depth at 6, and the machine stuttered, and made horrible sounds and ugly gashes in the chipboard. So, I decided to try again with all the settings set a little lower. I made my first cut on 4.5 depth and the pressure at high. It cut, but not all the way through. So it is back to multi cutting. I don't usually turn the multicut feature on in the software or my machine, because I forget to turn it off and end up multicutting an innocent piece of thin paper. I usually just press load mat and load last if I am only using my cricut machine, or I just press the cut button again on the software. (no need to press the load mat button when using the software, because it is programed to a specific start point). If you press unload mat do not try to multicut. The cuts won't line up correctly. Only press the load mat button.

I found a couple of different cutting patterns made it through. We'll call them Deep Cut recipes.
Cut Recipe #1
Multicut 2 Blade depth 4.5 Pressure high
Multicut 2 Blade depth 5 Pressure high
Single cut Blade depth 6 Pressure Max

Cut Recipe #2
Single cut Blade depth 4.5 Pressure high
Single cut Blade depth 5 Pressure high
Single cut Blade depth 5.5 Pressure high
Single cut Blade depth 6 Pressure high
Single cut Blade depth 6 Pressure Max

One other thing to watch for when multicutting is stray bits of paper getting caught in the blade housing and blocking the tip of the blade.

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Catherine said...

Wow what a fantastic book. I will be getting myself one of those blades!!!